Owning a Mogwai is a lot of a responsibility and if you're not careful, you get Groblins! Corey Feldman is here to save the day in this Nerdist Comedy Short that imagines what a new Gremlins movie might look like. And it's insanity to the highest level.

Forget Corey Feldman's wackadoo performance on the Today Show. This latest video proves that he is a God walking amongst men as he parodies his own heightened persona, playing a sheriff who must save the world from the Groblins! Though Gremlins 3 has been teased for over thirty years, it's safe to say it probably isn't happening anytime soon. So Groblins arrives as the next best thing.

This spoof trailer comes from the Nerdist channel, released as a special treat for Hallween. The makers behind the video have simply given up hope that Gremlins 3 will ever happen, especially since it's been 32 years since the original classic arrived, and 26 since Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This trailer has decided to go with the cheesiest looking sci-fi monster movie ever made instead of some glossy, rebooted CGI eyesore, even giving us Groblin puppets instead of big name actors recreating the beasties via motion capture.

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For those not around in the 80s, Gremlins spawned a whole horror comedy sub-genre of like-minded movies that revolved around nasty little creatures including Critters, Ghoulies, Munchies and a whole lot more. Groblins, with its trash bucket aesthetic, actually fits right in and looks of the era. Especially since it plays up the tropes and cliches of this bygone moment in filmmaking. Let's face it, a new improved Gremlins 3 simply couldn't capture this moment in time, and if it does ever happen, it will probably be a disappointment for fans, just like the new Ghostbusters before it.

Corey Feldman is joined by Gremlins and Gremlins 2 leading man Zach Galligan. But the fun doesn't stop there. Also appearing in this spoof trailer are cult icons Barbara Crampton, who is as sexy as she was in the 80s, and the awesome Michael Berryman, who you'll definitely recognize from Weird Science and The Hills Have Eyes. The cast of Groblins is rounded out by Lindsey Pelas. The plot is very similar to Gremlins, only it follows the Morgway named Fizmo who comes with his own outlandish set of rules. And when they're not followed, the Groblins ensue!

The Morgways are a lot more dangerous than Gizmo. You can't allow this cute little guy to get too warm, or he'll multiple. And you don't want to feed him candy cause then he'll turn nasty. Instead of spawning monsters on Christmas like in the original, this tale takes place on, of all candy-centric holidays, Halloween! So, forget Gremlins 3 and strap yourself in for what is one crazy 80s ride that you're sure to watch over and over again this morning, and share with your friends well into the afternoon. This might just be the best Halloween viral video released this year!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange