Even if Warner Bros. doesn't seem to be all that interested in making Gremlins 3 happen anymore, franchise star Zach Galligan refuses to give up on getting it made. The third Gremlins movie has been trapped somewhere in development hell for years, but now Galligan is taking matters into his own hands and starting a campaign to hopefully help actually get it done. Galligan has taken to Twitter to ask fans for support in the hopes that it will get the studio's attention.

Zach Galligan recently made a Twitter post, asserting that 2018 is a new year and, therefore, another chance to get Gremlins 3 made. With a picture of Gizmo accompanying the post, the actor said, "Hey, Giz! It's a brand new, super exciting year! Pretty neat, huh?" To which, in his fictional exchange, Gizmo replies, "Neat!" Then we get to the heart of the matter, as Galligan asks fans to retweet the message if they want to see a "proper sequel" happen.

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"RT this if you want a proper sequel (minimal CGI) !! #MogwaiMonday #Gizmo #80s #Gremlins 3 ?"

Campaigns like this have been started in the past for other projects, with varying degrees of success. Guillermo Del Toro took one last crack at getting Hellboy 3 made this way before the upcoming reboot got going. As of this writing, Zach Galligan's tweet has 254 retweets and 463 likes. Not exactly the kind of numbers that will make Warner Bros. get the lead out when it comes to giving the green light to Gremlins 3.

Zach Galligan last spoke about Gremlins 3 in December 2016, but no real movement or progress seems to have been made since then. We know that Chris Columbus, who wrote the original Gremlins, has a dark script he turned in for the movie, but it doesn't appear that the studio is actually moving ahead with it. We also know that Max Landis, at one point, pitched a found footage version of the movie. Here's what Galligan had to say about the project in an interview from late 2016.

"Warner Bros definitely wants it, Chris Columbus wants to do it because he'd like to undo the Gremlins 2 thing as he wasn't thrilled with it and Spielberg wants to do it I imagine, because he's Spielberg, and why wouldn't he want to do it. Once he's found the right script he can attach his name and make a ton of money. Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Gremlins remains a beloved classic from the 80s and Gremlins 2: The Bad Batch, though not nearly as commercially successful at the time, has managed to hang around as well and has plenty of defenders out there. Gremlins, be it as a reboot or as Gremlins 3, feels like the kind of thing that could work very well in the modern Hollywood landscape. If you want to see it happen, you may want to throw Zach Galligan a retweet. It couldn't hurt.