Zach Galligan and Gizmo have reunited for the first time in over 30 years. Galligan is back as Gremlins character Billy Peltzer, while Howie Mandel returns as the voice of Gizmo. The duo are sharing the screen once again, thanks to Mountain Dew, who are promoting their new MTN DEW Zero Sugar soda, which considers itself to be just as good as the original. While some soda aficionados will surely debate the merits of Mountain Dew on its own, everybody will agree that it's great to see Billy and Gizmo back together again.

The commercial begins with Billy and Gizmo sitting on the couch watching some TV. Billy Peltzer goes for a sip of his new MTN DEW Zero Sugar, as his little furry friend begs for a taste. Billy reluctantly hands over the bottle and Gizmo begins chugging and getting that green liquid all over himself, which obviously ends up creating a lot more Gremlins in the process. As we see Gizmo multiplying, we are also directed to some 3D glasses, which is obviously a nod to the original Gremlins movie.

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In a new interview, Zach Galligan was asked what it was like to be working alongside Gizmo for the first time in 31 years. "It tends to be a slightly more emotional experience than I think it's going to be," says Galligan, who last saw his little buddy in 1990's Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Galligan starred in the original Gremlins, which came out in 1984, and being on the Mountain Dew set this time around brought him right back to his time on the original movie's set. Even filming a soda commercial was enough to get Galligan choked up about being with Gizmo again. He went on and had this to say.

"There was a time when we were shooting the commercial, and we had a little bit of a break, and the puppeteer is next to me and he's manipulating Gizmo's arms. I leaned over to Gizmo and I was like, 'How are you doing, buddy? It's good to see you.' It was so realistic that, after hours of working with it, it has its own reality. I did get a little choked up, not so much about reuniting with the puppet, but more that it sends you rocketing back 37 years in a way that almost nothing else does."

Howie Mandel, who voiced Gizmo in Gremlins, returned to offer his services for the new commercial. However, he and Zach Galligan have never met. "The strangest, most interesting, trivia thing about Gremlins is that, to this day, even though I am hugely associated with Gizmo, I have never met, nor have I ever spoken to, Howie Mandel once in my entire life," says Galligan. Mandel was not on the set for the Mountain Dew commercial, nor was he on the set for the original movie when they were filming. But Galligan still wants to meet him. "It's baffling that our paths have never crossed. I know nothing about the man, he knows nothing about me, at least that I'm aware of. At some point I'm hoping before I die, I'll meet him."

While Howie Mandel and Zach Galligan have never met, they certainly still have chemistry as Billy and Gizmo in the Mountain Dew commercial. And while Galligan was apprehensive at first when approached about the commercial, he was pleasantly surprised to land on the set and discover that the new version of Gizmo looks just as good, if not better, than the original. "To my pleasure and subsequent amazement, the technology was razor-sharp, and not surprisingly, but really arguably way better than we had 37 years ago," Galligan says. You can check out the Gremlins reunion above, thanks to the official Mountain Dew YouTube channel.