The Good

A show that doesn't try and be supercool and that's exactly what it ends up being.

The Bad

I really could have used an in-depth look at the career of Patrick Dempsey.

Grey's Anatomy: Season 1 is the kind of TV show it is either going to go on and become a huge hit, or it will lose itself and if it's lucky go two more seasons at best. The reason why this show about doctors is so appealing is because it is truly an ensemble. Whether it is focusing on Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) or any of the other interns or supervisors, this show has enough character and characters to keep things moving. While one might think that the last thing we need is another show centering on medicine (at last count there were 4 on the air), none of them are alike enough to really step on the other's toes.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Grey's Anatomy: Season 1. It was filled with smart writing and storylines that highlight how special this cast truly is.


Under The Knife: Behind The Scenes Of Grey's Anatomy

This is a pretty standard look at the cast and creative team behind the show. We get to hear from the stars as well as the other creative types involved, as they discuss what they were going for on this show. Truthfully, I think audiences like seeing fresh faces. Even if the show is pretty run of the mill (and not that Grey's Anatomy is, but truthfully it isn't some groundbreaking hospital drama) new faces infuse it with a sense of freshness.

A Hard Day's Night Vignette

A collection of scenes that were not aired as part of the pilot and I think that was a good choice. It's not that what is on display here is bad, I just didn't think that it was anything that special, and truthfully may have got in the way of the story that the creators were trying to tell.

Deleted Scenes

Unless I am a super huge fan of a show or movie, I really think that deleted scenes should be left off DVDs. I think that so many times these scenes can have a negative effect on the original piece, simply because they might highlight something or explain too much. How can that be a bad thing you ask? I just think that many TV shows and movies work when they have an air of mystery about them. Deleted scenes can ruin that because we then know what the possibilities are.

Alternate Main Title Sequence and French Spoof Trailer

A different take on the title sequence that this show currently employs as well as a mock trailer. I guess with only nine episodes making up this two disc set, I really can't fault them for scraping the barrel in regards to the accompanying materials on these discs. Don't get me wrong, these things aren't bad, they are just clearly the kinds of things that one doesn't normally see on DVDs. Which is probably a good thing.

Audio Commentaries

This is a commentary track by Shonda Rhimes and Director Peter Horton. They talk about the show, developing the characters and generally seem amazed that their creation has captured the public zeitgeist like it has. While I have heard better commentary tracks, I don't think I have ever heard a track where the people involved seem so engaged and energized by what they have done.


1.78:1 - This is one of the few TV shows that feels real. The characters simply talk to one another without feeling the need to make every line a zinger. While they have thankfully refrained from filling this show with camera tricks and snappy shots, one might even classify this show as arcane if they were unfamiliar with TV previous to the late 1990s. As this is a newer show, it isn't surprising that all the episodes that make up these discs look as good as they do.


English - Dolby Digital 5.1. Patrick Dempsey is perfect for TV. He has a quick wit, a voice that crackles and he doesn't try to make every line sound like he is reciting Shakespeare. This show does a fine job of keeping things light, but also keeping the viewer very engaged and interested in the subject matter at hand. Even though this show is an ensemble piece, it seems like any one of these characters could be the main star.


This show's front cover looks like it could be something Robert Altman might make. Showing all the characters that populate this world, everyone seems to be getting a decent amount of "face time." The back features a description of what the show is about, a "Bonus Features" listing and some technical specs. As there are only two discs that make up this set, the packaging isn't that large and this is a good thing. Overall, standard packaging for a show who's standard attributes make it stand out.

Final Word

Man, it is sure great to see my man Patrick Dempsey back in action. While I don't know where he was or what he was doing, I practically grew up with the guy in such movies as Can't Buy Me Love, In The Mood and Loverboy. Like Michael Keaton, he is great at playing both serious and comedic parts, but the whole time you know there's even more layers under the surface. It's about time he got a role that reintroduces the world to what a truly talented person Dempsey is.

Grey's Anatomy: Season 1 is must see TV.

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