Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have been in the middle of filming their upcoming movie Grind House in Austin, TX for a few weeks now. The movie is being directed by both Rodriguez and Tarantino. Rumors have been coming in that the production for the film has come to a stop and that some of the crew are not sure why and when they would resume shooting.

According to tarantino.info, the Quentin Tarantino fansite, one source close to the production wrote:

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"I have been working on the film and I hate to say that the rumors are true. In fact .... many of the crew members went home already and the word on the set is that Rodriguez has gone over budget. There were days when we had 7 setups to shoot, but we usually would only get to shoot half of what was slated for the day."

Rodriguez has always come in under budget and if the rumors are true, would signify the first time he would have gone over. It is also rumored that Rodriguez is hosting an art exhibit this weekend, which may indicated the haste to shut down production on his segment, although there is no word of whether he is expected to resume filming anytime soon.