Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and the cast of the film on the horror created by KNB

For years, Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger have been creating the most horrid and disgusting things for the big screen through their KNB company. Subsequently, they've also designed the special effects and make-up in the Narnia series, which garnered them an Oscar.

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So when it came time to deciding on the zombie make-up for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse, there was no other duo to choose. The double feature has some crazy sh*t - only Greg and Howard could design.

According to Robert (Planet Terror) , "I'd never even think to work with anyone else. Their story boarding is great; Greg got the script and he was the first to call and say, 'Hey, do you want to go over it.' And I said, 'I'm not even ready to think about that yet.' They had a few ideas, so we ran some tests; they start sending you some stuff, so they're very pro-active."

Quentin (Death Proof) added, "They're our friends and it would never even occur to me to go to anyone else. One, their work is so fantastic, and it's almost as if we've grown up together. Over the course of time, me and Robert have had so many adventures and experiences with both Greg and Howard that it's like they're family. I was just with Howard for four months in China, every single day. There's just no one else I'm going to go to."

Josh Brolin (Planet Terror) really got the brunt of it, in the make-up chair for four and a half hours getting puss pimples all over his face. "KNB - listen, there were no boundaries to any of it; they could take it as far as they wanted to take it. We did the tongue thing with Nicki Katt, which I thought was great. When Robert was talking to Greg, he said, 'Look, I don't want a little tiny pimple on the tongue, I want it to be intensely, massively, grotesquely infected, and I want it to hit Josh with such force."

Even Lost's Naveen Andrews (Planet Terror) was thrown for a loop when dealing with the KNB guys, but he says Robert really took the reigns when it came to his set work. "I remember doing the cast for the head in LA, but then it was all Robert. The design that he invented, he showed me how the head was going to explode, the dummy; you could see the rhythm of how you were going to fall."

Grindhouse will kick your ass and take names. It hits theaters April 6th, rated R.