Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest figure to show up in food. People usually spot Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or Elvis in their food, but Groot has taken over and gone viral after Marvel Cinematic Universe fans saw his face in a potato. Jesus has been spotted in numerous pieces of toast, while the Virgin Mary has shown up in a ten-year old grilled cheese, and the King has been seen in a dusty old potato chip.

Twitter user Akortainment posted the image of the potato on Twitter with the caption, "I can't be the only one that sees Groot." As it turns out, a lot of people saw the MCU character and began sharing the image, making Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot trend on social media this weekend. This comes shortly after a Monkey that looks like an Ewok went viral. It's unclear if someone tried to carve the likeness of Groot into the potato or if it's just a case of people seeing something that resembles the character. For some, the potato looks like Groot as Thanos snapped away half of the universe.

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The potato social media explosion found people reflecting on why the love Groot, along with questioning how Vin Diesel scored such a high-paying gig for saying three simple words. MCU fans are currently waiting for James Gunn to complete his duties with rival studio DC Films to head back over to Marvel Studios and begin work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, where Groot will return with his intergalactic family to take on a new task. Before then, it is believed that Groot will show up in Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder, which is currently filming in Australia.

Seeing images in food, clouds, or other objects is a phenomenon known as pareidolia. Researchers say that it is completely normal to see face-like structures in inanimate objects because it relates to how our brains are wired. Doctor Colin Palmer says, "This basic pattern of features that defines the human face is something that our brain is particularly attuned to, and is likely to be what draws our attention to pareidolia objects." In addition to seeing Jesus in toast, millions of people see random faces in cars, homes, clouds, and several other inanimate objects.

Doctor Colin Palmer went on to state, "But face perception isn't just about noticing the presence of a face. We also need to recognize who that person is, and read information from their face, like whether they are paying attention to us, and whether they are happy or upset." This would explain how MCU fans are spotting Groot in the potato. He is clearly recognizable if you're familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy, but if you're not, the potato resembles a normal face. You can take a look at the aforementioned potato above to see if it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy star Groot, thanks to Akortainment's official Twitter account.