The first official teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 debuted over the weekend, and the response has been nothing shy of electric. One of the things the collective internet is on fire about is Baby Groot, who we got a great look at in this trailer. Vin Diesel has once again returned to provide the voice, but he has big plans for the character in the future, which includes a fight with the Hulk.

The Fast and Furious actor recently spoke with Screen Junkies about the future of Groot after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and based on what he had to say, it sounds like Groot will be all grown up again before we know it. Baby Groot doesn't seem like he would present much of a challenge for Hulk, a fight which Vin Diesel seemed confident we will see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. Here is what he had to say when asked about the possibility of his Marvel character teaming up with other Marvel characters at some point.

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"That's an interesting question! I think if it's up to James Gunn, you are going to see a Groot/Rocket movie after [Avengers] Infinity War, I think that's highly possible. We shall see! I know that somewhere in the universe, you are going to see Groot and Hulk battle. You can write it somewhere, you are going to see that poster: Hulk Vs Groot!"

Outside of promising a fight with Hulk, and teasing us with a poster Marvel fans are probably desperate to see now, it is interesting to note that Vin Diesel seems to think James Gunn would be interested in doing a Groot/Rocket spinoff movie following Avengers: Infinity War. That implies that both Groot and Rocket Raccoon will make it out of their inevitable scrape with Thanos alive, but it also implies that this is something he and James Gunn have discussed. Thor: Ragnarok is poised to be a buddy movie with Thor and Hulk, so why not do a buddy movie with Groot and Rocket? There is precedent for it in the comics for a Groot/Rocket adventure without the rest of the Guardians and the relationship between those characters is easily one of the best parts of Guardians of the Galaxy, so it makes sense in that way. As for whether or not this would actually be part of Marvel's Phase 4 plans is another story.

Now, about this seemingly inevitable epic fight between Groot and Hulk, assuming Vin Diesel's word is worth anything, that would definitely be fun to see. Not necessarily an entire movie's worth of conflict, but it would definitely be a great fight to watch, even if the dialogue would be pretty simplistic. Perhaps Groot and Hulk will find some time to get into a disagreement in Avengers: Infinity War? That movie will be pretty jam-packed as is, so we shouldn't get our hopes up. Also, Vin Diesel is part of the MCU, but not a huge part in that he just records the voice for Groot, so he may not be the best authority for these things. That said, he could also be trying to will some things into existence.

Vin Diesel is very committed to his fan base and loves to get people fired up about potential projects. He had been teasing us for quite some time about the potential for playing Black Bolt in the now scrapped Inhumans movie. So maybe this Hulk Vs. Groot fight will be something that just gets talked about and maybe the Groot/Rocket buddy movie won't happen, but it is great to hear how excited he is about reprising the role of Groot in the future. We can next see (or at least hear) Vin Diesel as Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is set for release on May 5, 2017.