The Good

Once again, this show hit it out of the park with another fun season.

The Bad

I wanted more Finnerty family featurettes.

Grounded for Life: Season 3 sadly only contains 13 episodes. Well, that is 13 episodes of the season proper. It does offer the 2 never seen episodes "Oh, What A Knight" and "Part-Time Lover," that I decided to mention here rather than in the extras section because I don't really consider these extras. They were part of the third season, right? Anyway, as we move into this installment we see the Finnerty family the same as before, but that doesn't mean that Grounded for Life: Season 3 isn't just as enjoyable.

This episode sees Sean (Donal Logue) wearing a dress, Lily (Lynsey Bartilson) being a maneater, Claudia (Megyn Price) jonesing for video games, and all other manner of madness that somehow makes sense in this world. Overall, my biggest complaint is that most shows contain over 20 episodes on their DVD sets, and for some reason this one only has 13. Are they telling us that a family this interesting doesn't have more to offer than that?


Commentary Tracks

They have put six audio tracks on this disc which I guess makes up for having pretty paltry extra features (and a slim amount of episodes). They feature the shows creators as well as other members of the cast. Sadly, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to go through these as thoroughly as I would have liked. I think that the creators of the show provide interesting food for thought, mainly because they have such an intimate attachment to the material. All told, I wish I would have had more time to listen to more of the commentary tracks.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. Once again the compression on these shows is top notch. While the lighting is bright and grabs your attention, it is this show's pace that allows it to pull off it's almost frenzied action. I also think the camera moves from this show were really cutting edge as far a sitcom was concerned. Personally, I go for more of a classical approach but it was nice to see this medium try and extend itself.


Dolby Digital Stereo. No problems on the 242 minutes of audio that accompany these DVDs. I guess with that amount of sound, it probably lessens the margin of error, right? I have often found that this show's rock 'n' roll soundtrack really does help with the pacing and overall feel of the show. It makes it seem like everybody is moving at an almost freight train pace, and we never have a chance to dwell on one area for too long.


The Finnerty Family is all there minus Grandpa Walt. This image is more of a promo shot than it is of the cast playing their characters. The back portion of the cover features some pictures from the various episodes, a short description of what Grounded for Life: Season 3 has in store, a Special Features listing and some minor technical specs. The 13 episodes that make up this set are housed on two discs, that have been neatly stored in this packaging. While there isn't anything that special about it, Anchor Bay has kept that and the price very economical.

Final Word

Getting to watch and review a bunch of sitcoms like Grounded for Life and Roseanne all at once, I feel like I am reentering a part of my past, even though Grounded for Life isn't so distant. I think while these shows are somewhat similar, Grounded for Life has a much zanier approach and never takes itself as seriously as Roseanne. To be honest, I don't think that it should, simply because the situations in this sitcom lend themselves to going a bit more over the top. I don't ever feel compelled when I am viewing this show to really think that seriously, even though Grounded for Life does raise up it's fair share of issues.

From dealing with crazy kids, to crazy grandparents, to even crazier in-laws, Grounded for Life keeps the comedy coming at a brisk pace.

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