Everything old is new again. New Line Cinema is looking to revive the comedy Grumpy Old Men for modern audiences, with Eddie Murphy on board to play one of the two lead roles. While this new take may go under a different name, it will be inspired by the 1993 comedy about two old men, who were grumpy, that wind up feuding over a new woman that moves into their neighborhood.

Tim Story, who directed both of Fox's Fantastic Four movies, as well as the successful Ride Along movies, has been tapped to direct and produce the remake. Story will produce through his The Story Company production banner. While it would be fair to say that not all of Story's movies have been well-liked, he's a very successful and accomplished filmmaker. Story was the first African American director to have his movies gross $1 billion worldwide. Ryan Coogler shattered that record this year, as Black Panther grossed $1.3 billion on its own. But Story did it without the help of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It's been quite some time since Eddie Murphy has had a role that he could really dig into and look like his old self again. That said, the man is incredibly talented and, when he does get something meaty to chew on, Murphy is one of the most watchable actors out there. The general premise of Grumpy Old Men does seem to suit his sensibilities and, if handled correctly, this could be right up his alley. Both Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon turned in very memorable performances in the original.

While nothing has been set yet, Tim Story recently wrapped filming a sequel to Shaft, also for New Line, which brings back Samuel L. Jackson and will see him teaming up with his son, played by Jessie T. Usher. It's also being reported that Jackson is being considered for the role opposite Eddie Murphy. If that actually does come to pass, this could be a perfect pairing and would give this project instant appeal. Jackson also has some current star power at the box office, as he regularly stars in movies that bring in big bucks. Murphy, on the other hand, has been largely absent in that department for years now.

The original Grumpy Old Men was a hit, grossing $70 million and garnering generally favorable reviews. That spawned a less well-liked sequel, Grumpier Old Men, which did nearly identical business at the box office. New Line has been digging into their back catalog in order to try and revive some of their existing IP for modern audiences with a twist. What's being attempted here sounds very similar to what was done with the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake, which stars Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway in a gender-swapped twist. The movie is titled The Hustle, so it's really just taking the general premise and spinning it into something new. There is currently no word on a release date or production timetable for the Grumpy Old Men remake. This news was originally reported by Deadline.