The Game Show Network has picked up the new series How Much is Enough?. According to The Hollywood Report, Corbin Bernsen will act as the host of this exciting new competition from BBC America.

Forty half-hour episodes have been ordered. The premise finds four contestants competing against a money clock. Their goal is to guess the second highest amount on the clock, as the greediest player gets nothing. After five rounds, the two players with the most money move on to the "Final Face-Off." The money clock will start counting from zero. The first player to buzz in will win that amount on the clock. The greedier player will go home empty handed.

The BBC's Jamie Roberts stated, "It was so different and fresh, and we knew we wanted to get involved with it. The format is clean, simple and very straightforward, but it has surprising layers, and it takes real strategy to play it. This is going to be a network-defining show."

Bernsen added, "I have always been a big fan of game shows, and I have been tuning in to GSN for years." The show premieres January 8th and will air at 9 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.