Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has a production codename. As revealed by Production Weekly, it is Guardians 3000. While it isn't know if this will remain as the official title of the movie, it certainly has kicked up a lot of speculation amongst fans. What could the title possibly mean, and who is it in reference too?

It turns out that the title Guardians 3000 is quite relevant to the Marvel comic books upon which Guardians of the Galaxy is based. While it connects to the ongoing mythos, there's also the fact that Marvel currently has a standalone Guardians 3000 comic book series separate from their main Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. It showcases the 'original' members of the interstellar superheroes. Does this mean we might see anyone from Adam Warlock, Galactus, Nova, Odin, Quasar, Rick Jones, the Silver Surfer and/or The Watcher in the sequel? We have no idea, but anything is possible!

Its far too early to read anything too heavily into this latest title reveal, and it may just be a placeholder sent out by Marvel to keep fans guessing as to what comes next. This title does hint that we'll see more new characters arriving alongside Star-Lord and his team, which has long been hinted at. The current Guardians 3000 line-up consists of Yondu (who was introduced in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Michael Rooker), Vance Astro (a.k.a Major Victory), Martinex, Charlie 27 and Starhawk. If we go by the original comic book canon, the first team was established in 1969, and is actively trying to save the universe in the 31st Century. As the new movie series takes place in our own current timeline, its likely that there won't be continuity between the sequel and comics.

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It's speculated that the film will most likely bring in Vance Astro, who is an unfroze contemporary U.S. Air Force pilot-turned-intergalactic hero of the future. In the 31st Century, he is usually the defacto leader of Guardians of the Galaxy, and is armed with psychokinetic powers. Considering that he is an earthling in the comics, we can probably rule him out as Star -Lord's dad, who has already been revealed as an alien. Unless they drastically change his backstory for the MCU. One person that could definitely be Quill's father is Starhawk. When Peter's mother describes his father, she calls him an 'Angel'. This fits with his current appearance in the Guardians 3000 comic book. And director James Gunn may have already planted a great Easter egg, with Starhawk showing up in the 8-bit video game that was included with the special features on the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray.

We'll have to wait until at least late 2016 to discover exactly what Guardians 3000 is in reference to and if it is, in fact, the official title. You should be reminded that all of the Marvel movies up until this point have had code names. And there isn't too much stock put into their meaning, though you can see how they definitely relate to the titles:

Rasputin (Iron Man 2)

Manhattan (Thor)

Frostbite (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Group Hug (The Avengers)

Caged Heat (Iron Man 3)

Thursday Mourning (Thor: The Dark World)

Freezer Burn (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Full Tilt (Guardians of the Galaxy)

After Party (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Bigfoot (Ant-Man)

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