Earlier this week, Marvel finally revealed the full song list for Awesome Mix Vol. 2, the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and today we have the only new song, created specifically for the movie. Marvel has released the song "Guardians Inferno," performed by "The Sneepers" along with David Hasselhoff. It has been revealed that this is the only song on the soundtrack that is a "comedic original," and not an existing song, with James Gunn co-writing lyrics alongside composer Tyler Bates. While this is an original, it is certainly infused with the 1970s spirit that permeates this soundtrack.

The song debuted on the Marvel Vevo YouTube page, which is an instrumental disco jam until halfway through the song, when David Hasselhoff breaks into a brief yet hilarious rap about these Guardians characters. James Gunn revealed in his interview about the soundtrack that he was happy getting to rythm the term "procyon lotor," another word for raccoon, with "motor" in this song. Here are the full lyrics of David Hasselhoff's rap below, which is supposed to be a song from Star-Lord's perspective.

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"Getting down and dirty with a procyon lotor. Got no people skills but he's good with motor. That weird thing by his side, an infantilized sequoia. If two of them walk by, people say, "Oh boya." They ask me why I'm bringin' a baby into battle, 'that's really irresponsible' and getting them rattled. I say, 'give me a break, get off my back dammit.' I didn't learn parenting, my daddy was a planet."

The song is played over the end credits which features a number of characters dancing, and includes more than a few surprise cameos that we won't spoil here. The song then breaks into another instrumental section, and ends with a rather poignant message from David Hasselhoff. Here's what he has to say at the end of this memorable song.

"In these times of hardship just remember: We are Groot."

The Guardians 2 soundtrack will be released in the U.S. one week from today on April 28, but for fans in the U.K., Awesome Mix Vol. 2 is currently available for purchase. In exactly two weeks from today, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theaters, with early box office projections putting this superhero sequel at an opening of $160 million, which is a significant leap from the $93.1 million tally the original Guardians of the Galaxy pulled in. Check out this full song from the Guardians 2 soundtrack below.