Ever since Sylvester Stallone was confirmed to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 cast, his character's identity has become one of the sequel's big secrets. Director James Gunn has indicated in the past that his character plays a, "very, very key, important role," while adding that it's not exactly a "huge" role." Last night, Marvel held its first press screening for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and it seems that portions of the press notes have leaked, which reveal exactly who Sylvester Stallone is playing. If you don't want to know who Sylvester Stallone is playing until the movie opens on May 5, then stop reading now to avoid any SPOILERS.

Before the press screening happened last night, Stitch Kingdom got a hold of the press notes for Guardians 2, which confirm that Sylvester Stallone is in fact playing Stakar of the House of Ogord, a.k.a. StarHawk. Ironically, there were early rumors that claimed Kurt Russell might be playing StarHawk, but that was before he was revealed as Ego the Living Planet, Star-Lord's father. There were also reports from earlier this month, which revealed that the junior novel tie-in for the movie referenced the Ogord family, while teasing that the working title for the movie was Guardians 3000, a comic series that featured Yondu, Major Victory and Starhawk among the team. Starhawk is a "lifelong respected Ravager" in the movie, who has a bone to pick with Yondu. Here's what Sylvester Stallone had to say in an interview quote from the production notes.

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"Stakar had banished Yondu many years earlier for doing something wrong and he finally sees him almost twenty years later at this particular establishment called the Iron Lotus where all of the Ravagers go to blow off steam. And then we have a confrontation which is pretty intense and it's kind of a father/son type of thing and now he's going to have to pay the piper. His karma has come back ten-fold."

It hasn't been confirmed when this confrontation between Yondu and Starhawk happens in the movie. It has long been believed that Yondu gets kicked out of The Ravagers after refusing to punish his adoptive son Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) for double-crossing him at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. This reportedly leads to Yondu joining the Guardians team, and to a new Ravagers leader emerging, known as Taserface (Chris Sullivan). Here's what Sylvester Stallone had to say in another interview quote from the production notes.

"The Iron Lotus was one of my favorite sets I have ever seen and so different from what I am sued to working on. It's a great backdrop for Stakar and the Ravager world. I really enjoyed working on that set with Michael Rooker and it's been educational for me. I really enjoyed the craftsmanship of the sets."

With Sylvester Stallone's character now established, it remains to be seen how he will be used moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Production is already under way on Avengers: Infinity War, and while we know that the Guardians themselves will return in that movie, it hasn't been said yet whether or not Starhawk will put in an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or not, but you should probably stay through the closing credits to find out. We have a hunch more will be revealed then about Starhawk and his possible team.