Dave Bautista seems to be a pretty loyal friend. The actor has been standing up for James Gunn ever since Disney fired him from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over some offensive and tasteless tweets that were uncovered by what some refer to as hardcore right-wing Conservatives. In a new social media post, he calls out the studio once more, while also taking aim at Michael Cernovich, the man many people credit for getting Gunn fired. In the video, Cernovich brags about his talents of writing hit pieces.

In the video that Dave Bautista shared, and tagged Disney in, Mike Cernovich and his wife can be seen bragging about taking public figures down. Cernovich boasts about shifting a narrative to get his point across. He alludes to the fact that he has no problem lying and making facts up to shift the public reputation of the person that he is attacking. Bautista had this to say about the video.

"Hey Disney! Here's your guy!! What an inspiration to humanity!"

It's unclear where all of the footage of Mike Cernovich admitting his tactics came from, but they were edited together out of context by a social media user who investigates Cernovich's hit pieces. The video is a little unsettling to watch, but only because Cernovich is able to spread disinformation, and be so proud of his actions. Regardless of your stance on James Gunn's firing from Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Cernovich is perpetuating the divide of the United States through making up fake news.

Mike Cernovich is considered a hardcore right-wing Conservative, who engaged with James Gunn on social media, often arguing with the director's stance on President Donald Trump and his administration. Cernovich, along with other right-wing bloggers were able to find Gunn's deleted tweets and spread them all over the social media platform. After igniting the path to James Gunn's downfall, Cernovich has only gotten more confident, even as some of his older tweets come back to haunt him. There's plenty of homophobic and anti-women tweets posted throughout his own timeline, along with some jokes that were on par with Gunn's. Cernovich claims that many of these tweets are fake.

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James Gunn's so-called jokes were terrible, and should have never even been posted in the first place. "Jokes" about pedophilia as well as rape aren't exactly what one thinks of when they think of Disney, so it's easy to see why Gunn got the boot from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as quick as he did. However, there are some that agree that even using the director's script for the third movie of the trilogy is a bit hypocritical. The situation still seems to be a bit of huge mess and Dave Bautista is there, calling the studio out at every chance that he gets. You can watch the NSFW video of Mike Cernovich below, thanks to Dave Bautista's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick