This year's Super Bowl pitted the defending champs Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots to determine the NFL champion, a game which two members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe made even more interesting, for two groups of children on opposite coasts. Captain America: The Winter Soldier star and Boston native Chris Evans made a bet with Guardians of the Galaxy star and Seattle native Chris Pratt over the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX, with the "loser" agreeing to visit a children's hospital in the winner's home city, dressed as their Marvel character. After the Patriots emerged victorious over the Seahawks on Sunday night, Chris Pratt made good on his "#TwitterBowl" bet today, by visiting the children and families at the Christopher's Haven hospital in Boston, dressed as Star-Lord.

Chris Pratt posted a few photos from his visit on his Facebook page earlier today from the visit, which Chris Evans also attended as well. Christopher's Haven is a non-profit organization that provides housing for children and their families being treated for cancer in the Boston area. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans' bet also helped raise over $27,000 for both Christopher's Haven and Seattle's Children, a pediatric research institute which both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt will also visit as a part of their bet.

Take a look at the photos from Chris Evans and Chris Pratt's visit to Christopher's Haven below, and stay tuned for photos from "Phase 2" of their bet, when both actors will appear at Seattle's Children sometime in the near future. Fans can also donate to Christopher's Haven and Seattle's Children to support the Marvel stars' #TwitterBowl bet.

Chris Pratt Star-Lord Photo 1
Chris Pratt Star-Lord Photo 2
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