As they did last year with Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios will once again kick off the summer movie season, this time with the highly-anticipated sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which brings these colorful and cosmic characters back together for a whole new adventure. While we have to wait until May to see if this sequel can be as successful as the original, there may be plans in the works to create a spin-off based on Vin Diesel's Groot. As of now, there is nothing official on the books, but during a recent interview, Vin Diesel teased that this potential project is something he has actually discussed with Guardians 2 director James Gunn.

Vin Diesel made this revelation while promoting his new action-thriller XXX: The Return of Xander Cage with MTV, with the actor teasing that he thinks this spin-off is actually "inevitable." Even if that is the case, it remains to be seen how far off this movie may be, but we know that after Guardians 2, Groot and the rest of the Guardians will return for Avengers: Infinity War, which started production just a few days ago. When asked about this potential Groot spin-off, here's what Vin Diesel had to say.

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"It's something that James Gunn has talked about and something that I knew he would love to do. Sure, I think it could be very interesting. I think it's inevitable. That character is so enigmatic and he was already one of the most unique characters in the Marvel universe, and I think what Marvel has done, and what James Gunn has done to realize that character, has exceeded beyond anyone's expectations. It's just such an interesting character and there's so much to learn about him. I'd love to go back to his planet and learn more about him, and I think the world would too. He's really a genius, on a lot of levels, but we can only hear him say 'I am Groot' because of our sophistication level."

The Guardians of the Galaxy stars have been confirmed to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, which started filming on Monday. Dave Bautista and James Gunn's brother Sean Gunn have already confirmed through social media that they have arrived on the set. Since no plot details for Infinity War have surfaced yet, it remains to be seen how these cosmic heroes will fit into the story. Still, this movie could give the Guardians a chance to interact with some of the MCU's Earth-bound heroes, and when asked what character Vin Diesel would like to see Groot interact with, the actor had this to say, echoing statements he's made in the recent past.

"I'm really interested to see what happens when him and the Hulk are in the same room. I want to see someone get out of line and then see Groot take over. I imagine that Hulk could say something, or Rocket Raccoon could say something wise, like a smart-ass, to the Hulk, and Hulk gets all ruffled and angry, and then all of a sudden, Groot steps up and says 'What's up?'"

After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters, many fans are expecting Guardians 3, with Kevin Feige recently confirming that this sequel will in fact be a part of Phase 4. James Gunn has not yet confirmed his involvement in the sequel, so if a Groot spin-off does actually happen, it may not surface until after Guardians 3 has hit theaters. Take a look at Vin Diesel's video interview below where he discusses a potential Groot spin-off and Avengers: Infinity War.