After a successful box office run this summer, fans can finally own Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but today a new video surfaced that isn't found on the Blu-ray or DVD bonus features. The special effects artists at Framestore put together a four minute video that breaks down some of the effects work they did on the movie, showing scenes before their work and after. Here's the Framestore description of the video below, revealing that they worked a lot on Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot.

"Rocket returned home to Framestore for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in which our team created the look and led the animation on the wise-cracking Raccoon and that of his new sidekick: the adorable, scene-stealing Baby Groot. Happy to be back in Gunn's wacky universe, we collaborated with VFX Supervisor Christopher Townsend to deliver over 620 shots ranging from creature work, spaceships, 'the best opening sequence in the world' and an exhilarating space chase across the Galaxies."
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The video kicks off with the aforementioned "best opening sequence in the world," which showcased Baby Groot dancing while the rest of the Guardians tried to take down a massive creature. We learned shortly after the movie debuted that the dance moves were provided by none other than director James Gunn, who released a few videos on social media showing his actual dance moves on a soundstage that were then used for the diminutive Groot. This video from Framestore even shows some more of that footage of James Gunn dancing away. The video also features the various CGI layers that they use to build the eccentric Rocket Raccoon.

Framestore even shows us how detailed their work really is, freezing on a shot with Rocket to show how intricate his fur really is, showing the details of each individual hair, along with the immense detail that goes into his nose, which is really quite impressive. Framestore also worked on the the massive golden temple that belongs to the Sovereign and their leader Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki). We also see one of director James Gunn's sketches from the opening sequence with the monster that Drax has to fight his way out of from the inside, to show how these early drawings help influence the final product.

This CGI company also worked on what might be one of the most impressive scenes in the whole movie, where Yondu (Michael Rooker), Rocket and Baby Groot make their escape from the Ravagers ship, thanks to Yondu and his unique weapon known as the Yaka arrow. This incredible sequence, which shows the arrow darting all over the ship, taking out Ravagers left and right. This shot was filmed against a massive blue screen backdrop, with just Yondu walking by himself on a catwalk, while everything else was added in around him in CGI, including the Ravagers that were falling past him. Before you pop in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 again, be sure to watch this impressive video, courtesy of Framestore YouTube.