There may be no summer movie more anticipated than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And this sequel promises to give fans something new while also keeping the pace, tone and momentum of the original intact. The big difference this time out is that every one of the main Guardians will get a proper story arc, and we'll see their characters build and grow into something wonderful and exciting. This isn't just the Peter Quill story Part 2.

Director James Gunn has been on a press run recently for his upcoming thriller The Belko Experiment, which he produced and co-wrote from his own idea. During the course of their conversation with the filmmaker, Cinemablend was able to get some good info about Guardians 2 out of Gunn. And he completely went through and broke down each character's motivation this time around.

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The movie will still revolve around Chris Pratt's Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, who is the captain of this ship of misfits. The story is mostly centered on his discovery of, and resulting relationship with, his natural father, Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell. But it will also be about so much more. James Gunn says this about Peter Quill's hero's journey this time out.

"That's the first thing people say when they see the movie. The first movie was about Peter Quill, and the second movie has every single character have a complete arc, a complete story. They each learn something. It's a story about Peter Quill, with his father, but also his abusive step-father, Yondu."

It's no secret that Star-Lord will meet his dad in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The news of Ego's arrival was first revealed at Comic-Con this past summer, and it was further implied in the latest trailer, which showed Kurt Russell in his human form as Ego. Gunn went onto describe Gamora's relationship with her sister Nebula, and how that is also a key part of the script this time out.

"It's about Nebula's relationship with her sister, Gamora, and how that's not all that we saw in the first movie. It's a lot deeper and more complicated than that. We thought in the first movie that Gamora was the good guy, and Nebula's the bad guy, but that really isn't the whole story."

Gamora and Nebula are the non-biological children of Thanos, who is not returning in Guardians 2. Now, it sounds like Gamora may be revealed as a possible traitor. But that mystery will have to wait for the film's premiere. Next up, Gunn had this to say about Rocket Raccoon's arc, as embodied by the collaborative performance of Sean Gunn and Bradley Cooper.

"I think it's a story about this poor little Rocket, who is in search of a father and in search of somebody to give a shit, who cannot find it, and maybe does a little bit with Michael Rooker's character."

Apparently, in Vol. 2, Rocket and Yondu will form a unique bond, and may even become the best of friends in this team, as Yondu's relationship with Peter begins to slide out of focus. Yondu has been confirmed as part of the Guardians team this time out, and Michael Rooker will have a lot more to do here. And that seems to be playing with a raccoon. About Drax and Mantis' arc in this sequel, Gunn explains this.

"It's about Dave Bautista and Mantis together, who become on the one hand close friends, and then on the other hand she's a surrogate daughter for the daughter that was murdered."

This might be Gunn's biggest reveal here. And it sounds like this story is all about the different family relationships that each team member is dealing with in their own right. Drax's plans for revenge against Thanos will be put on hold, and his hate is being reserved for Avengers: Infinity War. Now, this leaves the final member of the group. The already quite popular Baby Groot, who is a twig offspring of Groot. Says Gunn of the tiny little plant-like being.

"And of course Baby Groot's relationship with all of them, they are the worst parents in the entire world! Who else brings a two-year-old son into a giant battle with a giant monster? Terrible parents! And maybe Gamora and Rocket are better than the other two. The other two are terrible. All of those things come together in a way that seems pretty magical."

This gives us quite a new view on what is actually going on in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And it's clear that each character will get their own moment to shine. Still, all signs point to Baby Groot stealing the show. Guardians Vol. 2 is set to kick off the summer movie going season on May 5th. The previous trailer has been confirmed as the final sneak peek coming to theaters. But there will surely be clips and featurettes aplenty as we head towards the big premiere.

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