Every Marvel movie contains numerous Easter eggs and hidden references to other movies and the comic books upon which they are based. But perhaps none more so than Guardians of the Galaxy. It contains so many bits of hidden trivia and other minutia that it hasn't all been discovered by fans. In fact, as of this very second, no one has discovered the biggest Easter egg hiding inside this Marvel sci-fi adventure. Will it ever be discovered?

Back in November of 2014, when Guardians of the Galaxy was making its way home on Blu-ray and DVD, director James Gunn threw out a challenge to fans. He told everyone that there were still plenty of things to discover about the movie, perhaps in a ploy to get everyone to watch it over and over again, like obsessives. It worked, and fans went to work, pouring over every single frame. One of the bigger ideas was that the Dark Aster was symbolic of Peter Quill's mother's cancer. That's not what James Gunn was talking about. During a short Q&A yesterday, the director had this to say on his personal Facebook page.

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"They have not all been found. No one has found the big one, really. Maybe once someone came close."

This has kicked off another intense Easter egg hunt by fans, eager to discover exactly what Easter egg James Gunn is talking about. The movie has already been out for more than a year, so don't expect James Gunn to give in, revealing the big secret anytime soon. Packing each frame like a Mad magazine has insured that audiences will never tire of repeat viewing, and it's a more rewarding experience every time.

More than that, though, James Gunn just won't have time to offer up any more info. He is leaving for Atlanta as pre-production has begun on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The movie opens May 5, 2017. And it will surely be just as packed with inside jokes and hidden references as the original. Though, as he's stated in the past, we can expect only one major new character and a lot more backstory on our core group of space heroes this time around. Other than that, he has yet to share any of the plot.

Some of the Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs have been easy to find, like Howard the Duck hanging out in the Collector's museum. Others have had to be pointed out, like the paneling on the side of the Morag temple, where Peter Quill finds the orb. If you look close enough, you will see deity-like beings circling the infinity stones. But that wasn't the big giveaway. It is entirely possible that one or more fans have found the big Easter egg, but they're roaming wild and haven't pointed it out to anyone, or brought it to James Gunn's attention just yet.

James Gunn has always been open and very upfront about his movies when talking with fans. He doesn't lie about characters or any aspect of the movie. He enjoys the game of it, and most likely isn't messing with fans when he tells them to keep watching and looking for all these little clues. So that giant Easter egg is still in there, somewhere. Do you think anyone will find it before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens in 2017?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange