While we won't see Howard the Duck starring in his own movie anytime soon, Marvel has launched a new comic book series revolving around the popular 70s character, who made his infamous return to the big screen in this past summer's blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has confirmed that Issue #2 will actually serve as a prequel/sequel to the fan-favorite end credits scene which featured Howard hanging out with the Collector.

Eagle-eyed viewers first noticed Howard the Duck as part of the Collector's menagerie early on in Guardians of the Galaxy. The upcoming comic book will reveal how Howard wound up in the Collector's (Benicio Del Toro) clutches. Here is the official synopsis for the story, courtesy of THR:

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Howard's first big case has taken him across the universe and landed him in the clutches of The Collector! But he's not alone as the very popular Rocket Raccoon is a prisoner as well! Have you ever seen a comic book sequel to a post-credits scene in a movie? Well, you will now!

Chip Zdarsky wrote the issue, with Joe Quinones providing the artwork. The cover, which you can see below, features Gamora, Star Lord and Groot all making the duck face as they take a selfie. The issue is expected to hit newsstands in April. Will this prove to be popular enough to warrant a big screen reboot for Howard the Duck? The 1986 movie from producer George Lucas proved to be an epic bomb, but the character is more popular now than he ever was before. If Marvel decides to give him his own standalone adventure, we won't see it until sometime in the 2020s. This new comic will be the only place we get to see Howard, unless he makes another cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is still two years away! Though, a Netflix series isn't out of the question...Is it?

Guardians Howard the Duck Comic Book