James Gunn has no further plans with Marvel Studios after completion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The director took part in a Q&A session on social media over the weekend where he revealed the news. Specifically, Gunn was asked about making a possible Guardians of the Galaxy 4 after completion of the long-awaited third installment. As it stands, Gunn has no intention of making a fourth movie. The director noted that he "planned to do a trilogy from the beginning if the first one worked out." Gunn concluded by saying, "no plans to do a fourth."

Obviously, getting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 out is the top priority for James Gunn after completion of The Suicide Squad. But will he work with Marvel Studios again after that? We're still over a year away from seeing The Suicide Squad in theaters, so a lot can change between now and then, and the eventual release of the third Guardians movie. While Guardians of the Galaxy 4 probably won't ever happen, one could see the director possibly returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Along with the MCU, James Gunn is now playing with DC characters in The Suicide Squad, which could also turn into more than one movie. With that being said, Gunn also likes to go back to his horror roots, so he might not have the time to return to Marvel, even if it's a new project with different characters. Right now, the director is open to basically do whatever he wants, which must be a pretty nice feeling.

James Gunn has been reaching out to fans a lot on social media over the past few weeks and trying to answer as many questions as he can. He gets asked a lot about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and recently revealed that he can't wait for fans to see more of Rocket's origin story in the movie. The director has teased for years now that the third installment was going to feature a decent amount of Rocket and his backstory, which has MCU fans excited. However, it could also mean that there will be some pretty dark elements in the threequel.

While James Gunn's future with Marvel Studios is uncertain after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the director has done quite a lot for the studio. He was able to take a group of comic book characters that were barely known and turn them into mainstream heroes. With the completion of the third installment, Gunn will have successfully finished what he originally sought out to do. Guardians of the Galaxy 4 doesn't fit into that plan, which is understandable, but that doesn't mean Gunn can't come back to the MCU and help bring some other characters to the forefront. The Q&A session took place on James Gunn's Instagram account in the stories section. As of this writing, it is still available to see.