In a lot of ways, the MCU movies getting more laced with jokes and self-aware quips was largely due to the runaway success of James Gunn's first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. While the filmmaker had mostly a free hand to put his own stamp on the film, Gunn recently revealed on Twitter that there was one particular joking exchange between Drax and Peter Quill that Disney would not sign off on.

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Quill: I come from a planet of outlaws, Billy the Kid, Bonnie & Clyde, John Stamos.

Drax: Sounds like a place that I would like to visit.

Quill: Cool. (cut)

Drax: And kill many people there."

It is not clear why Disney felt this was the one joke that took things too far in the movie. Guardians of the Galaxy was laced with 80's pop culture references, from the entire opening scene being a homage to the treasure hunting scenes in Indiana Jones movies, to the feature's entire soundtrack being a love letter to 80's music. Adding a reference to Stamos, who played the beloved role of Uncle Jesse from that era would have been pretty on-brand for the project.

Perhaps it was the implication that Stamos is an outlaw and Drax wants to kill him that Disney did not feel to be in good taste, especially since the Mouse Empire had worked with the actor on previous projects including Full House and 2019's The Little Mermaid Live!.

In any case, that was the one part of the script that James Gunn could not see realized on the big screen. And the filmmaker regrets that omission so much he added in a follow-up Tweet that he wants to do what George Lucas did with his original Star Wars movies and retroactively make changes to the film to include the joke.

"I so wanna George Lucas it back in I can't tell you."

Cue cries from fans to release the #GunnCut of Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the filmmaker can take comfort in the fact that audiences still love the version of the film they got to see in theaters, and the movie kick-started Gunn's lucrative career in giant superhero franchises.

The next stage of that career will see Gunn working on his third and last Guardians film which will see the obscure team of space adventurers from the comics that the filmmaker made into overnight stars come full circle with their journey in the MCU.

The upcoming Guardians movie will see the team dealing with the fallout of Thanos's defeat in Avengers: Endgame. Nebula is finally at peace with her past and is now a member of the team instead of their enemy. On the other hand, present Gamora is dead, while a Gamora from the past who still identifies as a merciless assassin is on the loose somewhere in the cosmos.

Also along for the ride is the God of Thunder himself, Thor, whose snippy, passive-aggressive competition with Quill to be the alpha male of the group should lead to some hilarious scenes. There's more than enough material in there for the final Guardians of the Galaxy film to be a funny, heartwarming, and epic sendoff for one of the most popular franchises within the MCU.