Marvel Studios has hired screenwriter Chris McCoy, a fixture on The Black List, to write the screenplay for Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio's Phase II superhero ensemble.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the exact lineup of this new superhero team, although now we know exactly who will be featured. The team members include Drax the Destroyer, a green warrior who is driven to kill Thanos, Groot, a man-tree hybrid, Star-Lord, a half-human/half-alien renegade, Rocket Raccoon, a genetically-engineered animal with a penchant for explosives, and Gamora, who was saved by Thanos but now wants to do battle with the villain. Thanos was revealed as the primary villain in the mid-credit scene of Marvel's The Avengers.

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We reported a month ago that Nicole Perlman wrote the original draft of the screenplay. That report also revealed Marvel Studios will release this new adventure on August 1, 2014.

Chris McCoy's screenplays have landed on the Black List three times, although none of them have been produced yet. Get Back appeared on the list in 2007, Good Looking in 2009, and Good Kids in 2011.