Last month, it was revealed that James Gunn was Marvel Studios' top choice to direct Guardians of the Galaxy, another big-budget ensemble that brings together characters such as Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer. The filmmaker has since been confirmed to write and direct the upcoming project. Marvel's The Avengers director Joss Whedon knows a thing or two about superhero ensembles, and he is also serving as a creative adviser on this project. He recently spoke about James Gunn's take on the material.

"He has a very twisted take on it, but it all comes from a real love for the material. It's going to be hard for the humans to keep up. I know he's going to come from left field and I'm going to go, 'What?' And then, 'Of course, why didn't I think of that?' And then I'm going to beat him!"
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Joss Whedon admitted he initially had some doubts about this project, but that initial trepidation was put to rest once James Gunn signed on.

"James is what makes me think it will work. I myself was sort of like, 'Well, I liked Rocket Raccoon as a kid, but I'm not sure how that plays [to a wider audience].' And then they said, 'Well, we're thinking about using James Gunn.' And I said, 'Oh, then no, you're fine.' He is so off the wall, and so crazy, but so smart, such a craftsman and he builds from his heart. He loves the raccoon. Needs the raccoon. This is the guy who wrote The Specials. People don't understand how influential that movie was about heroes, about taking heroes and making them mundane. And [he directed] Super."

Joss Whedon also said that James Gunn has 'barely started' writing the screenplay, but he has plenty of time until the August 1, 2014 release date.