Marvel executives are meeting with Dave Bautista this week. The WWE Superstar is being eyed for the role of Drax the Destroyer in their superhero ensemble Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jason Momoa was previously believed to have the role, with the actor in serious talks with the studio. Insiders claim the actor was holding out for a better deal. Marvel, a studio that is notorious for its penny-pinching ways, is not willing to move on that deal, and are now set to go with someone in a cheaper price range, with Dave Bautista fitting that role nicely.

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Isaiah Mustafa and Brian Patrick were also contenders for the role of Drax, but Marvel's top two choices have always been Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa. No offer has been made to Dave Bautista yet, but if his trip this week is successful, expect to hear confirmation soon.

Drax the Destroyer made his comic book debut in a 1973 issue of Iron Man. Born as human Arthur Douglas, his parents were murdered by the villainous Thanos. Arthur's spirit was given a powerful new body by Kronos, resulting in the creation of Drax the Destroyer. The character became one of the Guardians of the Galaxy during Marvel's 2004 relaunch of the title.

James Gunn is directing from his own screenplay, although it still isn't known when production may begin. Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation, Zero Dark Thirty) is the only confirmed cast member as Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord.

Dave Bautista was last seen in The Man with the Iron Fists, and stars in the upcoming sci-fi sequel Riddick alongside Vin Diesel.