On January 3, 2007, in honor of its unprecedented 70th anniversary, the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light will launch www.FindYourLight.net. The interactive, video-rich site will invite users to upload their own videos and view exclusive behind-the-scenes content featuring the cast of Guiding Light. The website, along with Guiding Light's January 3 television episode, will introduce the show's yearlong "Find Your Light" theme, which hearkens back to the show's original themes of community and brotherhood.

On www.FindYourLight.net, users will be invited to upload their own "My Light Is ... " videos, mirroring the ongoing series of interstitials that will begin airing throughout Guiding Light in January. Each interstitial will feature a different member of the Guiding Light cast speaking about the aspects of their lives that inspire them and bring them "light." Users will be invited to share what brings "light" into their lives by uploading their own videos.

"FindYourLight.net was created to build a community between Guiding Light and its fans," says Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler. "We are excited to provide a place online where everyone can participate in Guiding Light's 70th anniversary celebration."

In addition to user-generated content, www.FindYourLight.net will feature reports and videos from the road as the Guiding Light cast travels to various cities across the country to volunteer as part of its 70th anniversary partnership with the Hands On Network. The campaign, which will focus on raising the level of volunteerism across the U.S., kicks off during Guiding Light's 70th anniversary week (January 22-26, 2007) when Guiding Light will shut down production at its New York studio and take the entire cast and crew to the Gulf Coast to help rebuild homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Following the week in the Gulf Coast, Guiding Light cast members will travel to a different city each month, encouraging their fans to volunteer alongside them.

Guiding Light, holder of the Guinness World Record for being the longest- running show in broadcast history, debuted on radio in 1937, transitioned to television in 1952 and became the first television show to podcast audio-only episodes in 2005. When it celebrates its 70th anniversary on January 25, 2007, Guiding Light will have aired 15,094 episodes on television and 17,554 episodes overall.

Guiding Light's special 70th anniversary episode, airing on Thursday January 25, connects the current plot to the show's earliest days on radio, featuring the show's 2007 cast members portraying the original radio and television casts of The Guiding Light as well as some key behind-the-scenes players. Beth Ehlers ("Harley") portrays the legendary Irna Phillips, who created The Guiding Light in 1937 to shine a spotlight on the "brotherhood of man," and who ruled the show for decades with both an iron fist and a warm heart. The episode follows Guiding Light's transition from radio to television, paying tribute to Irna, to the history of Guiding Light and to the fans who have followed its never-ending story for 70 years.

Guiding Light was -- and continues to be -- produced by Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc., the company who put the "soap" in the soap opera business. The show tapes at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, NY and can be seen weekdays on the CBS Television Network. (Check local listings). For More Information visit www.FindYourLight.net.