There aren't many filmmakers around who are busier than Guillermo del Toro, with his latest producing effort Mama hitting theaters this week, and his directorial project Pacific Rim debuting this summer. Now, we can add one more project to his growing plate with the DC Comics adventure Dark Universe. Here's what he had to say about the project, confirming that an unspecified writer is in talks to work on the script.

"I'm working on it. I'm writing the outline and we're already in talks with a writer. A very, very good writer. People are probably going to be happy with who we have chosen. He accepted. I've been courting this writer, who I think is the perfect guy for this job. We're doing it. Hopefully it will happen. We don't know until they greenlight the movie."
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When asked which characters may be included, he spoke of his childhood admiration for characters such as Swamp Thing and John Constantine.

"You're talking about my childhood. Swamp Thing, for me, is a rock star. You know, Demon, Zatara, Zatanna, it's amazing. You go to John Constantine, who I thought was an amazing creation. I want to do the Constantine of the comics, Deadman. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun."

When asked what other characters may be involved, he confirmed The Spectre will be involved, but wouldn't identify any other heroes. He also talked about how Warner Bros. was on board with this type of ensemble even before the success of Marvel's The Avengers

"The movement for this happened before The Avengers. They were already galvanized to launch Justice League and they were galvanized to make their universe cohesive. What I feel now is with 'Superman', they feel very, very confident with what they have. They are now feeling they have two pillars, Batman and Superman, for the DC Universe. Tonally, they have a darker tone, sort of urban and sophisticated. There's a foundation that now they can build on."

The filmmaker also revealed that he is trying to move ahead with At the Mountains of Madness one more time, with Tom Cruise still attached to star.

"I'm going to try it one more time. Once more into the dark abyss. We're going to do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studios are] interested. Yeah, Tom is still attached. I think it would be so fantastic to make it with him. He's been such a great ally of the project."