When the first trailer for Pacific Rim was unleashed last month, video game fans quickly recognized the voice of GlaDOS from the Valve video game Portal being used in the movie. Today, director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he got Valve's permission to use voice actress Ellen McLain for the trailer, but only as a nod to the game.

"I wanted very much to have her, because I'm a big Portal fan. But just as a wink. She's not cake-obsessed. She's not out to destroy humanity. I said, 'Look, there's no A.I. I'd rather have than GlaDOS.'"
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However, the filmmaker said that the voice will be altered for the final movie.

"The filter we're using is slightly less GLaDOS. Slightly. The one in the trailer I wanted to be full-on GlaDOS."

If none of this makes little to no sense to you, don't worry. You're not alone. The use of glaDOS is for video game obsessives only.