During a promotional screening at Sundance of her new horror film The Nightingale, The Babadook director Jennifer Kent revealed that she is teaming up with acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro for a new horror project. This collaboration is incredibly exciting when considering the talent involved. Kent's well-earned place within the genre is only continuing to grow and so teaming up with Del Toro, who is easily one of horror's greatest directors, is truly a match made in heaven.

When comparing the two directors' styles, it makes perfect sense as to why they would want to team up. Guillermo del Toro has made a number of acclaimed horror films that showcase his iconic style of injecting classic fantasy and vivid color into incredibly bloody stories. Del Toro's work ranges from the unconventional love story in The Shape of Water to the pulpy gothic horror of Crimson Peak.

What's even better is that Kent's films deal with similar themes as Del Toro's, including grief and loss, and so one can only imagine what combing their two styles will look like. "Look, we've got something on the boil," Kent said, explaining, "I'm not being secretive but I'm not sure I can talk about it. It's something scary and I really admire him and his work. I think he's a true artist so I'm excited to know more. We're in [the] early stages of that."

Despite keeping the details of the Jennifer Kent Untitled Horror Movie pretty below the belt for the time being, it's clear that they're definitely planning something pretty juicy. Unfortunately Del Toro hasn't followed up on her comments as of yet, but since Kent said they were still in the "early stages" of the project, it may be a while before we learn much more about it. What is interesting to consider, however, is exactly what type of project the two are planning.

Along with some of Del Toro's other films like Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, he has also made waves with television. His beloved cult horror series on FX, The Strain, ended in 2017 so there's plenty of potential now for him to go back down to the small screen. Again, it's hard to say at this point but there's definitely some interesting possibilities that he and Kent could pull off together.

Kent's rise to stardom came out of nowhere with 2014's The Babadook. Following a weary mother dealing with a troubled young son, the horror drama was an instant hit. The mother discovers an evil presence lurking in the house, and the film's titular iconic monster terrorizes her until everything falls apart. It was quite a debut for Kent, and it's hard to believe that she's followed it up with The Nightingale, which is already becoming another horror hit. What's even more impressive is that The Nightingale is still within the realm of The Babadook and yet still seems like it's has its own unique style. Seeing that The Nightingale is currently making its rounds at Sundance, it should only be a matter of time before horror fans can get their hands on it.

We will surely be learning more about the Kent-Del Toro collaboration in the coming months. It's still a mystery as to who will be in the director's chair, especially since both filmmakers would be great for the part. Who knows? It's also quite possible that neither Kent nor Del Toro know exactly what it's going to be just yet, and that could honestly be a promising start. This interview comes from Bloody Disgusting.