MTV caught up with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro who spoke briefly about the upcoming sequel:

To some, he may be more hero than horror icon, but ultimately the demon spawn of hell is a concept that can only get scarier in the upcoming Hellboy sequel, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Series director Guillermo del Toro agrees and was eager to give an update. "We are literally in the early stages of preproduction," del Toro said of his sequel to the 2004 flick starring the monstrous Ron Perlman. "We've been designing the thing, and we are going to be shooting in April or May of next year. It's a bigger story than the first one, and it is actually a larger scope. It's similar to [del Toro's upcoming flick] Pan's Labyrinth in the fact that the everyday world is grinding fantasy into the ground. Everyday life is creating a mundane reality and destroying fantasy. All of the main characters are coming back." Del Toro expects the sequel to hit theaters in 2008.