Guillermo del Toro:MovieHole recently got the goods on what to expect in the near future from director Guillermo del Toro...

On a "Hellboy : Directors Cut"

I cut out things that I thought were slowing the pace of the movie, but I've put them back into what I call the Directors Cut, which will be released in France and possibly Japan, theatrically. It‚s a more sedate thing, but it adds a more interesting direction for the characters. A little more weight for the bad guys too. Which I think is very good for the movie.

On "Hellboy 2"

I start writing it in the Fall and then it‚ll depend on how fast we get a script we‚re all happy about and how fast we can work out a budget and a date. It's in the future, but I wouldn't put a date on it. In the next Hellboy adventure he'll (Hyde-Pierce's Abe Sapien) have a more prominent role. She'll be back (Blair). Jeffrey Tambor will be back. We will have a good class of weirdos around.

On "Hellboy" star Selma Blair being linked to "Superman"

She would be just great for it. She would be a blessing to the movie.

On David Goyer's "Blade : Trinity"

I've seen the whole movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The thing I love the most about it is that its different, each of the Blade movies has been different to the others. [Director, David] Goyer has a very sardonic, very brutal sense of humour and it‚s a different movie. I think it's going to be quite a trip for the audience.

On a possible return to the "Blade" franchise

I would love to go back and do a fourth ballistic Blade 'vampires all over the world' but who the hell knows.