caught up with Guillermo del Toro where the director revealed that Warner Bros has agreed finance a trailer for Guillermo's adaptation of the DC Comic book Deadman:

"What happened is, I've gotten an incredibly beautiful offer from Warner Bros to finance a trailer," del Toro revealed to "So they said we'll finance a trailer so that you can show us what you see the movie being like. And I'm going to storyboard and script a little three minute trailer."

Described as a mixture of the The Fugitive and Quantum Leap, Deadman is the ghost of a circus acrobat named Boston Brand, who was murdered during a trapeze performance. His spirit was granted the power by a Hindu goddess to possess any living being in order to find his killer. In the ensuing search, Brand finds himself obliged to help others. The hero was created in 1967 by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino and is known for a run of issues by artist Neal Adams.

The Pan's Labyrinth director said he plans to shoot the trailer early next spring, or may-be during an off weekend on production of Hellboy 2: "We'll find a time when we're not distracted."

"That for me is like the Titanic. It's my Lord of the Rings," he enthusiastically explained. "Not in terms of how much business it will make. It's just the quest.