Guillermo Del Toro's next film: In a massive interview over at CountingDown, Guillermo Del Toro spoke about projects he's lined up right after the release of Hellboy commences:

CD: You've said that after Blade II, you are finished with martial-arts acrobatic fighting for a while. So how are you approaching Kroenen's (one of the blade-weilding nazi villains) use of knives in combat?

GdT: Kroenen's use of knives is less [acrobatic], it's whatever he can physically do without wires that looks balletic and deadly and fast, and we actually are incorporating almost dance moves...I came up with a new weapon for him that, as far as my knowledge is concerned, I invented...a very cool set of knives, and we're making it look really efficient...Kinda like a human blender. And the [actor] is not a martial artist. His first fight, which takes place in the 1940s, has a little martial arts, but it's not wires. It's very, very solid, hard-hitting. It's not a traditional wire-fu fight, and even then weapon he's using, which are two retractable blades, which are about broadsword size, I think that it's very different. I think that all the acrobatics and all the wire fighting is better left for other stuff. Hellboy and [his demonic opponent] Sammael are both heavy creatures, so what they do is they pummel each other and their surroundings, but they don't jump around.

CD: Haha, ok sounds good! Are you currently brainstorming about any more immediate future projects that you have on the horizon?

GdT: Before coming to Prague, I turned in my 17 page scriptment of 'Wind in the Willows', and a 50 page treatment of 'At the Mountains of Madness'. My writing partner Matthew Robbins finished a pass several weeks ago, and I made my comments and my changes on the weekend, and the screenplay has been turned into the studio, we'll see what happens. On' Wind in the Willows' now, we're on pages. Every Sunday night, I send in my copies.

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