Brett Ratner apparently loves the hit video game Guitar Hero so much he wants to make a movie about it. MTV Multiplayer Blog, the network's video game news site, recently spoke with Ratner, who revealed his tenative plans for a movie based off Activision's hit video game series, Guitar Hero.

"I love Guitar Hero and I think it's a part of pop culture. I would love to do a Guitar Hero movie, if Activision would ever let me. I'm trying to convince them, but why would you have a movie screw up such a huge franchise? Not that I would make a bad movie. So that would be cool, to do a Guitar Hero movie. "

If you're wondering about a story for this potential movie, Ratner has some thoughts on that as well.

"It could be about a kid from a small town who dreams of being a rock star and he wins the Guitar Hero competition. One of these dreams-[come-true] kind of concepts."

Ratner's involvement with the game franchise is significant, as he provided the name for the upcoming version of the game, Guitar Hero: World Tour, which is similar to MTV's own game, Rock Band. He has also featured the game in recent music videos he directed for Miley Cyrus, for which he was nominated for Best Director at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, and Mariah Carey and instrumented the Guitar Hero spots from American Idol.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any developments on this possible movie.