Daniel Radcliffe goes a little bit insane in the first official image from the upcoming thriller Guns Akimbo. Wearing his bathrobe and brandishing duel pistols, the young man has had enough. And he's not going to take it any more.

Jason Lei Howden directed this action comedy. Daniel Radcliffe just recently wrapped the project in New Zealand. Here, we see Radcliffe being approached by a police office in the midst of what could be a very manic surrender.

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The movie features a city-wide game of death that Daniel Radcliffe's character suddenly finds himself thrust into. He must save his ex-girlfriend from kidnappers as he finds his mundane existence being uprooted by a dark social media movement.

Jason Lei Howden is known for his amazingly epic New Zealand horror metal comedy Deathgasm, which is one of the best genre movies of this decade, whether you've bothered to see it or not. Altitude Films and Occupant Entertainment are behind Guns Akimbo. When it hit Cannes, the movie was sold as an "adrenaline fueled balls-to-the-wall original action comedy reminiscent in tone to films such as Kick-Ass or Deadpool." Here is a more official synopsis.

"Miles is a normal guy with a crummy job, pining for his ex girlfriend Nova. His lame existence is turned insane when he enrolls in a dark website that forces strangers to compete in gladiator-style battles in their own city, then live-stream worldwide to a rabid fan base. A secret gang known as the Schism, who handicaps the weaker contestant to further stack the odds against them, chooses contestants. Miles is able to avoid an unstoppable killing machine first, but when Nova is kidnapped he must overcome is fears to save her."

Occupant Entertainment's Joe Neurauter and Felipe Marino are set to produce Guns Akimbo. Michael Mailis and Will Clarke from Hyperion Entertainment and Altitude Films respectively, have signed on as executive producers. Neurauter had great things to say about Howden and the upcoming project.

"Jason Lei Howden is an incredibly talented new filmmaker, who with Guns Akimbo delivers a commercial action film that is original, fresh and gives us unique and exciting characters. We fell in love with Guns Akimbo the moment we read it."

In addition, Andy Mayson, co-CEO of Altitude added to the praise for Howden and the casting of Daniel Radcliffe.

"Jason is one of the most exciting, original and commercially-minded new directors working today and with the pitch perfect casting of Daniel Radcliffe as our hero, Guns Akimbo is going to deliver a fresh, next-level action experience destined to thrill audiences worldwide."

Daniel Radcliffe certainly wasn't cramped by Harry Potter in continuing his career from child star into adulthood. He's managed to pick plenty of interesting projects, like Horns and Swiss Army Man. He hasn't really had a big blockbuster hit in the past few years, but he sure is racking up the cult movies, finding a whole new audience. Guns Akimbo is sure to carry on that tradition. IMDB gives us our first look at the sure to be insane movie.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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