The first trailer for Guns Akimbo has arrived online and, if this movie wasn't on your radar just yet, it almost assuredly will be after watching the madness contained in this bit of footage. The genre flick stars former Harry Potter franchise star as a man who unwittingly ends up with guns bolted to his hands. Up-and-coming star Samara Weaving, of Ready or Not fame, is also here looking almost unrecognizable in what looks to be a completely wild, guns blazing, bullet-filled ride.

As we can see from the trailer, the movie has a pretty interesting premise. There is something of a sick, twisted game put on by a mysterious figures that sees two competitors duke it out to the death, whether they like it or not. There are definitely some Crank vibes going on here, with some visuals that recall Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. That is one heck of a mix. The two-minute trailer is loaded down with action, violence, humor and more WTF moments than one can possibly count. One can only imagine what the full movie is going to feel like.

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This serves as the latest from writer/director Jason Lei Howden, who previously helmed the also insane Deathgasm. For Daniel Radcliffe, this represents yet another fascinating career choice in his post-Harry Potter life. Undoubtedly, the actor could have continued on with big franchises and made boatloads of cash along the way. Instead, Radcliffe has largely starred in smaller movies that range dramatically from genre, to what he's asked to do on screen. He's also got Swiss Army Man under his belt, which went on to become known as the "farting corpse movie," as well as Kill Your Darlings, Horns and Imperium.

On the other side, Samara Weaving is quickly asserting herself as a modern genre icon, with movies such as The Babysitter and Mayhem under her belt, in addition to last year's hit Ready or Not.

Guns Akimbo centers on Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) who lives a nerdy existence as a video game developer. But his life takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang that deals in live-streaming real-life death matches. Miles excels at running away from everything in his life, but that won't help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game.

The movie made the rounds at several festivals last year, including TIFF and Fantastic Fest. Unfortunately, I ended up missing it at Fantastic Fest, but based on the chatter I was hearing following the screenings I was quite bummed I wasn't able to squeeze it in. It currently holds a 64 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but let's be honest here, this certainly isn't going to be for everyone. Guns Akimbo is set to hit select theaters on February 28 from Saban Films. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself.

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