Batman Begins: During a recent interview with Movie Hole, Guy Pearce talked about his Memento director taking on the upcoming Batman project...

Now given that experience, one would have thought that he would be more than reluctant to take on, say, Batman. Another of those internet rumours it appears. “Well it never even came about. I never spoke to Chris about it, there was never any thought about it. I heard about it through the Internet and went ‘Oh that could be sort of interesting’. If I was ever to do a Batman it would be with Chris Nolan, But it was funny, as I almost felt like I was experiencing a bit of that without even having to go to work. It was kind of a nice rumour I guess.” Instead, Pearce will instead turn up in Jean-Jacque Annaud’s Two Brothers, a French film he shot, which he says has been re-cut for the US market. “Now I see the trailer it’s now like a kid’s movie,” Pearce says smilingly. “I haven’t seen the American version so I don’t know how they’re going to present it. They’ve made some changes from the French version to make it really PG and they’re really aiming I guess at kids or family, so I’m curious the see the American version of the film.”
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