Guy Ritchie isn't about to let a little thing like his upcoming Sherlock Holmes film, starring Robert Downey, Jr., from keeping him away from the movie he's dying to work on. The director recently revealed to MTV that he hasn't given up his plans to make a film based on DC Comics' famed World War II hero, Sgt. Rock.

Ritchie said that even though Sgt. Rock has been in the rumor stage for some time now, he hasn't ever stopped thinking about it. It just got bumped down the schedule due to other projects - such as Sherlock Holmes.

"Sgt. Rock was the film I wanted to make," said Ritchie. "Sherlock Holmes managed to butt into the front of it. Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a rock-n-rolla. It's aggressive and wanted to be made. We just grabbed it. Downey was enthusiastic. It just seemed like a perfect storm."