Me & My Boy: Hot off the rave reviews for "Freaky Friday," writer Heather Hach has signed to retool Fox 2000's "Me and My Boy" for producer Lynda Obst. The project is described as a romantic comedy about a girl looking for love with the help of her dog. Hach is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, having moved to Los Angeles from Denver in 1998, two years out of college and after a divorce. She enrolled in the Writers Bootcamp and the following year was accepted into the Walt Disney Co.'s Screenwriter Fellowship program, where she was mentored by producer Andrew Gunn and Disney feature executive Kristin Burr. Upon finishing her fellowship, Gunn was so impressed with Hach's writing abilities that he lobbied Disney to hire her for writing duties on the Jamie Lee Curtis-Lindsay Lohan starrer "Freaky Friday." "Heather is fresh, fun to work with and she has revitalized our favorite project at Fox," Obst said.