The Matrix: Reloaded:The official site has been updated with a ton of goodies. Try using the password 'reload' and prepare to spend the next five hours viewing what they've posted.

Final Destination 2: 13th Street did an interview with Craig Perry, producer of the sleeper Final Destination, about Final Destination 2. He says that while the second movie could stand on it's own, the story from the first weaves in and out of the story of the second. Huh? Movie Picture to check it out.

Macaulay Culkin's Next: Wow, I thought he'd disappeared forever. In his first film in 8 years, Culkin will be starring alongside Seth Green in Party Monster, a movie based on the Michael Alig murder case. Alig was a 'club kid' and party promoter in the early 1990s, who killed his drug dealer, dumped the body, then blabbed about it to his friends.

Movie PictureSpider-Man:Sorry all you Spider-Brits, you'll have to wait until June 14 to see Spider-Man, while we filthy Americans get to see it almost a month earlier. (insert evil laughter here) I don't know why this was moved back; originally it was a week after us, then May 3rd worldwide, now they're shuffling the dates again.

Stay Tuned...~Brian