New Line Home Entertainment is getting into the next generation game.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is dancing its way into the mix with Hairspray to be released on DVD and Blu-ray disc November 20.

There are plans afoot for an HD-DVD release but currently no release date.

"Clearly, there isn't a format winner at this point, so we're going to adopt the strategy from Warner, our sister company, and mirror what they are doing," stated Matt Lasorsa, New Line's executive vp marketing. "And by supporting both formats, we are giving consumers the ultimate choice."

Despite not having a firm release date the studio does plan to release the title "in the first half of next year. He attributes the delay to region coding issues; Blu-ray has region coding, but HD DVD does not."

Once Hairspray has been released "most New Line titles will be released the same day on standard DVD and Blu-ray Disc, with a lag for the HD DVD version."

"But for second-party acquisitions to which we don't have international rights," Lasorsa offered, "we will be day-and-date on all three formats."

In the meantime the current "release plans for Hairspray call for both a single-disc DVD and a two-disc 'Shake and Shimmy' edition packed with extras. Bonus materials include a new musical number, 'I Can Wait'; a making-of documentary and several commentaries; deleted scenes; a featurette on the film's various dances; and dance lessons."

On Blu-ray Disc users can expect the release to have "all the extras on the 'Shake and Shimmy' DVD, as well as an exclusive picture-in-picture option that lets viewers watch behind-the-scenes footage and on-screen commentary while they are watching the movie."

In addition to this will be "a gift set with a metal school locker and a Hairspray tote bag. The locker will be available in two colors: Penny Pink and Link Lime."