Half-Life: According to a scooper at Dark Horizons the film adaptation of video game giant, Half-Life, may soon make it's way to the big screen:

"I worked at Sierra for a while and still am in contact with people there regarding projects and such. A movie of the 'Half Life' game has been shopped around for ages. There was a flurry of activity with New Line looking at a Duke Nukem film, Warner having rights to a Doom/Quake film in an deal that said a film had to be in pre-production by November or the rights return to ID and of course Dimension films doing Max Payne. HL was passed around and did get some response. Now with the game 'Half Life 2' due and riding a huge wave of buzz from its showing at E3, the concept of doing a film of the original has been reintroduced. It should also be noted that Vivendi is talking of selling the game division and this could be a ploy used to up the selling price and also increase awareness for HL2's launch in September. I'd still take all the HL news with a grain of salt as Half Life has been shopped as a movie for years and I even recall a discussion I had with someone in marketing two plus years ago where we talked about the film option being looked at by a major studio. Word is that it would be very expensive to do the film as the license holders want it done properly, and with the reaction and revenue of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil and to a lesser extent Tomb Raider, it was seen as a gamble".