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X-2: Thanks to Dark Horizons, we've got an great new shot of 'Nightcrawler' with tail, posted in our X-2 gallery! CLICK HERE

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Catwoman: According to Variety Halle Berry, is set to play Catwoman in the upcomingBatman spin-off directed by French director Pitof. The script was penned by John Rogers and rewritten by Mike Ferris and John Brancato.

The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King: WETA recently held a lecture at Victoria University, where they discussed the process of making a LOTR film. The One has 'massive' amounts of details. CLICK HERE

The Core: We've got some new images from The Core up for you to enjoy! CLICK HERE

Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl: The Orlando Bloom Files have posted 2 great new images from Showest which showcases the talent in the film.

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Alien 5:Cinema Confidential recently caught up with Sigorney Weaver and probed her about the possible looming Alien 5 flick:

There are talks about a possible Alien 5 film, can you tell me about that?

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Sigourney Weaver: I know that Ridley Scott and I’ve talked a couple of times because people are always coming up to me and saying “What about Alien 5?” In the current atmosphere where there is so much going on on earth, I can understand people wanting to see an adventure that’s far away and so I, myself, would love to go and see something happening on another planet. You know, out by Mars or something. But we don’t have any definite plans.

xXx2 and Riddick: Vin Diesel sat down with E! Online to discuss future projects this week. During the interview he talked about the sequels to xXx and Pitch Black:

On xXx2:

"It's inevitable," he growls. "There are two being written. One of them deals with Washington and the Capitol Dome. The other one takes place in the Orient."

On the Pitch Black sequels:

"The objective was never to make a sequel to Pitch Black," Diesel says, "but to explore the universe Riddick lives in and to explore whatever his purpose is in this universe. These movies will involve plane travel through different dimensions."

In addition, MTV recently pulled even more info out of him about the sequels:

"I'm ecstatic about the size and the support of the studio to really create this mythology. I go in a couple of weeks to Vancouver to start rehearsals. We'll do a month of rehearsals, and I'll go into shooting next month. Riddick is definitely not an evolved person. He's still a killer in his own right. And I think we're going to find him after he's isolated himself and become this recluse for five years. So when we see him, they are awakening Riddick". Dench's role as 'Aereon' is that of " an 'Air-Elemental' ambassador [whose] very much the mentorlike archetype in this mythology". It also seems material for further sequels will be shot with this film "I don't know if it's gonna necessarily be a 'Lord of the Rings'[-type shoot] but I do know that they've talked about doing the first one and 'chapters' of both the second one and third one [at the same time], if that makes any sense. So they'll shoot some additional scenes."

Superman: The latest on the Superman casting fiasco according to The Hollywood Reporter is that the role has been officially narrowed down to two candidates. Brendan Fraser and Matthew Bomer.

Boogeyman: Stephen Kay, who also directed Get Carter, will direct the horror flick which starts filming in New Zealand this Spring.

Men In Black III: Will Smith came up with a concept that Columbia is moving forward with, according to Variety.

Ginger Snaps 2:Creature Corner has a full run down of the movie in production! CLICK HERE

The Bourne Supremacy: Universal has apparently rehired The Bourne Identity scribe, Tony Gilroy, to pen the sequel to the film, based on Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Supremacy. In "Supremacy" a Chinese vice-premier has been slain by the legendary assassin Jason Bourne. Of course, there is no Jason Bourne. The identity is simply a cover for the CIA's David Webb. But with someone else assuming the Bourne identity, the U.S. must find a way to avert a international diplomatic scandal that imperils Sino-American peace.

Thanks to CS for the scoop.

The Sopranos: HBO vs. James Gandolfini. In a pathetic smear campaign against James Gandolfini, HBO has set forth an uncertain future for the 5th season of The Sopranos, according to Variety:

Production on season five, scheduled to get under way March 24, remained in peril Wednesday, as HBO execs said negotiations with the series star James Gandolfini are dead. The last offer from HBO to Gandolfini on the table for the 13-episode fifth season was for $11 million, part of which was to be paid in profit participation.

Read the massive article of how it all went down, and how HBO is trying ferociously to cover themselves...CLICK HERE

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