Horror's Hallowed Grounds creator Sean Clark has been releasing some gems on his Youtube channel this past week. Mask aficionados, get ready to drool.

Yesterday, Clark uploaded a rare video of Tommy Lee Wallace walking through the process he used to convert a 70s William Shatner/Captain Kirk mask into the iconic Michael Myers mask we see in John Carpenter's Halloween and the sequel, Halloween II.

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"This is a video we made back in 2014 I believe. It was made with the intention of being part of the Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Set. For years fans have asked Tommy Lee Wallace for the details of exactly how he converted the William Shatner mask into The Shape. For the first and only time Tommy takes us step by step and shows exactly what he did back in 1978."

Hardcore Myers mask fans know how special this is. Apparently, there were four masks used in the original production of Halloween. With what might be the only remaining original Michael Myers mask in existence now sealed in an airtight container in collector Mark Roberts' possession, getting the scoop on its creation from Tommy Lee Wallace himself is stuff of legend.

Tommy Lee Wallace is horror royalty. He created Michael Myers' iconic look in John Carpenter's original Halloween back in 1978 as well as portrayed The Shape in many key scenes in the movie. He wrote and directed the cult classic sequel, Halloween III: Season of the Witch as well as directed episodes of the 1980s Twilight Zone revival and Fright Night Part 2.

For years, mask companies have been churning out Michael Myers masks for kids and adults to take on the form of The Shape every Halloween. Like anything mass produced, the masks all range in various degrees of quality, but the Michael Myers mask business continues to boom. Just last year FX artist Justin Mabry took a shot at creating the latest version of 1978 look for Trick or Treat Studios which fans met with extreme enthusiasm.

For those who aren't familiar, Sean Clark has been regularly giving tours of historic horror filming locations for years now, many of which have appeared on your favorite Scream Factory blu-ray releases. Stay tuned as Clark has promised he'll be uploading every episode of the ever insightful Horror's Hallowed Grounds, free for viewing on his Youtube channel in the coming weeks.