Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch are getting the steelbook treatment. The folks at Scream Factory, Shout Factory's horror division, are bringing these new steelbook Blu-rays out just in time for the annual holiday for which the franchise is named after. The new versions of the movies will officially go on sale on October 9. Not only do the steelbooks look fantastic, but they are going to be from a 4K film transfer.

Those who want to get in on the action may want to do it fast. And you're probably not going to want to wait until the movies are actually released. Scream Factory is only releasing 10,000 copies of each of these steelbooks. Pre-orders are available now so if you want to get your hands on one that may be the way to go. Both movies are currently going for $26.99. They also come out just ahead of the new Halloween, which drops on October 19. This could make for an excellent way to get pumped up for the return of Michael Myers on the big screen.

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The Steelbooks will be shrinkwrapped, according to Shout Factory. The Blu-rays included inside will have the same content, but with different disc label art, that is currently available in their respective Collector Edition releases but with the exception that these are 4K scans, so they will look a lot better than what is currently available. The artwork pictured on both of these new Halloween steelbooks come from artist Nathanael Marsh. He previously illustrated the company's prior John Carpenter-themed steelbooks. Those who order directly from the site will also receive a 28.5" x 16.5" rolled lithograph of the illustration. The litho will not be available elsewhere and only 1,000 of them each are being made.

Halloween II comes as a two-disc set with the theatrical cut and television cut that includes additional footage. The television cut is only available in SD. Bonus features include an audio commentary with Director Rick Rosenthal, audio commentary with stunt coordinator Dick Warlock, The Nightmare Isn't Over: The Making Of Halloween II, Horror's Hallowed Grounds: Revisiting The Original Shooting Locations, deleted scenes with optional audio commentary with Rick Rosenthal, alternate ending with optional audio commentary with Rick Rosenthal, a still gallery, TV and radio spots and the theatrical trailer. Halloween III: Season of the Witch includes an audio commentary with director Tommy Lee Wallace, audio commentary with actor Tom Atkins, Stand Alone: The Making Of Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Horror's Hallowed Grounds: Revisiting The Original Shooting Locations, an interview with makeup effects artist Tom Burman, a still gallery, TV and radio spots and the trailer.

For hardcore fans, this may be tough to pass up. Halloween II is widely considered to be the best sequel in the franchise and Halloween III: Season of the Witch is legendarily strange, as it doesn't feature Michael Myers and tells a completely different story altogether. Not to mention that the covers for these steelbooks, which you can check out for yourself below, look amazing. To pre-order the movies, you can head over to Shout Factory.

Halloween II steelbook blu-ray
Halloween III steelbook blu-ray