Jamie Lee Curtis is more popular than ever, riding a newfound wave of tremendous success. Now playing in theaters, her new Halloween movie has broken several box office records, exceeding all of the film's performance expectations by far. With the ending of the film leaving the door open for a sequel, the chances of Halloween 2 were hinging on the success of David Gordon Green's film. With these numbers proving there's tons of money to be made with Michael Myers, it's very likely a sequel is going to be made, and if Green returns to direct, you can count on seeing Laurie Strode again as well.

This week, Curtis spoke about reprising the role which started her acting career four full decades ago. The actress spoke at length about playing the character, now given the chance to weigh in a little further on the film's unprecedented success. Curiously, Curtis was asked the burning question all of us want to know, which is if she intends to play the role once again if a follow-up film is made. Without hesitation, Curtis made it clear she'd love to play the part once again, and all it would take is for David Gordon Green to get the director's job and invite her to appear in the film.

"If David Gordon Green called me up and said, 'Let's do another Halloween,' I would do another Halloween, because he did such a beautiful job."

Certainly, Green deserves all of the credit in the world for resurrecting a franchise previously-thought to be dead in the water. In less than a week's time, Green's Halloween has earned more at the box office than any of the previous films had been able to do in their entire run. Appealing to multiple generations of filmgoers, the movie is satisfying for both longtime fans of the franchise, as well as horror genre newcomers who might not be too familiar with John Carpenter's original movie, which was released forty years ago.

However, just as much credit needs to go to Curtis herself. By far, her performance in the film is one of its most shining aspects. Heavily damaged from the trauma of what she endured four decades ago, Laurie Strode is different than we've ever seen her before, but arguably even more badass than she's ever been. Along with Green and the rest of the cast and crew, there's no denying that the new Halloween film is very special, and is likely the start of an entire new franchise of films in the series.

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Joining Curtis in the film's cast are James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle, who share the role of Michael Myers. Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Jefferson Hall, and Rhian Rees also star. The film is now playing in theaters everywhere, and is more than likely to have an upcoming sequel. Here's hoping Green and Curtis both return. This information comes to us from This information comes to us courtesy of Empire Magazine Australasia.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick