Michael Myers lives. Sources claim that Jamie Lee Curtis will be back to reprise her role of Laurie Strode in the Halloween sequel. The actress has hinted as much over the past few months, but it appears Blumhouse was ready to move forward with a story Curtis enjoyed. The news of a sequel is not a shock at all considering that the first installment went on to earn over $255 million from an initial budget of $10 million.

According to Collider, production on Halloween 2 is expected to begin this fall with a release set for the fall 2020. While no release date has been set by Universal, it is believed the sequel will hit theaters on October 16th to try and monopolize on the Halloween hype. John Carpenter has not yet officially signed on to the project, but he has already revealed he would like to return to compose the score after having such an enjoyable time on the first installment working with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride.

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Speaking of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, sources also claim that Green has written the script and is expected to return to direct the Halloween sequel. Blumhouse has yet to officially comment on the matter as of this writing. While long-time horror fans were not exactly happy with what Green and McBride put together, the sequel has been embraced by the younger generation who were more than happy to see Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have another big screen battle.

Original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle has also expressed interest in returning, so it's safe to assume that the gang will reunite for the Halloween sequel. Castle didn't have a whole lot to do during the last installment, so he might get into doing some more heavy lifting this time around. Malek Akkad is set to produce alongside Blumhouse and Bill Block, and Danny McBride, who will likely return to executive produce alongside David Gordon Green, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Again, it isn't clear if original director and franchise creator John Carpenter will be involved, but he will surely be on as an executive producer. With that being said, it is also likely that he will compose the score again.

The Halloween sequel is on its way and some fans are going to be very happy to hear the news. With that being said, there are plenty of horror fans who will likely be pretty bummed out over the fact that the franchise is being tampered with further. While the movies after the first installment were seen as inferior to the original, David Gordon Green's decision to gloss over them was seen a blasphemous in some circles, although he threw in quite a few Easter Eggs to fans to represent those sequels. As for where the new story will go, that's anybody's guess for now. This unconfirmed report comes to us from Collider.