Toymaker Super7 has revealed our first look at their upcoming ReAction figures based on Laurie Strode and Michael Myers from Halloween II. With the company unveiling many new retro-style ReAction figures at Toy Fair 2020, Super7 is coming out looking very impressive as they typically do with these events. The Halloween II figures haven't yet been colored, as only the gray prototype versions are on display. Still, they're already looking pretty great, and you can see what I mean by taking a look at the figures below.

As seen in the photo, the Laurie Strode and Michael Myers ReAction figures also come with some accessories. Laurie comes with the revolver used to shoot out Michael's eyes towards the end of the movie, just before the boogeyman is then set on fire. Meanwhile, Michael comes with his own hammer, the weapon he uses to murder a security guard during his killing spree at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. What we can see so far looks amazing already, and these guys are really going to look awesome once they're given their color.

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NECA has also recently given some love to Halloween II with the unveiling of their own upcoming action figures based on the classic slasher sequel. This includes a two-pack action figure set of Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis bearing the likenesses of Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence, looking exactly as they appeared in the movie. A separate figure of Michael Myers from the movie is also included, which comes complete with some of Michael's various instruments of death used for murder in the movie. Alternate heads are also included, in case you want to display Michael as he looks with blood flowing out of his mask's eye holes.

Though original Halloween director John Carpenter didn't helm Halloween II, he co-wrote the script and produced the sequel with Debra Hill. With Rick Rosenthal in the director's chair, the follow-up movie picks up directly after the events of the original movie, literally taking place on the very same evening. After Laurie is taken to the local hospital to be treated for her injuries, Michael tracks her down in his attempt to finish what he started on that Halloween night.

The sequel is also notable for revealing the sibling connection between the two characters, which carried over into many sequels. For better or for worse, the 2018 reboot totally ignores Halloween II, tossing out the concept that Michael and Laurie are in fact related as had typically been the story presented in most other movies.

Super7 has also unveiled several other new toys to their line of retro-style ReAction figures based on horror movies. Two new figures of Chucky the killer doll from Child's Play have also been revealed, but like the Halloween II figures, they haven't yet been given their color. The company has also revealed new figures based on The Munsters, Mars Attacks!, and Universal Monsters, among many others.The photo of the new Halloween II figures seen above comes to us from plastic_galaxy on Instagram.