Halloween memorabilia collectors will be in awe at the new Ultimate Michael Myers from Halloween II figure coming from NECA. At Toy Fair, the company revealed the new figure, which stands at over 7" tall with over 25 points of articulation for ultimate posing. He comes in a window box with an opening flap depicting box art from the movie. It comes with an assortment of amazing accessories as well, such as three interchangeable heads, syringe, hammer, knife, and opening jack o' lantern. On the company's official website, the figure is listed to be shipping in Q3 2019.

What's interesting about the alternate heads is that one doubles the figure for another character in the movie. The white mask with white hair was worn by Ben Tramer, Laurie Strode's high school crush. Unfortunately, Ben is mistaken for Michael Myers by Dr. Loomis and the police, which startles him. Walking into the street, Ben is pinned between two vehicles before being burned beyond recognition by an ensuing fire. It's only after the body is examined at the morgue when it's realized that Michael is still walking the streets of Haddonfield, and the dead person in the mask was an innocent teenage boy. Officially, this will be the first-ever action figure for Ben Tramer, if you display it with the correct head.

Another alternate head has blood pouring from Michael's eye sockets. This comes after Laurie shoots him in the climax of the movie, leading up to another fire in the hospital. Originally, the plan was for Michael to stay dead after Halloween II, which is why Halloween III introduced an original, unrelated story. Halloween 4 then brings Michael back by revealing that he miraculously survived the deadly fire at the end of Halloween II, along with Dr. Loomis. However, it is never explained how he manages to see after being shot in both eyes. We can only assume it's because he is much more than just a man, or as Loomis puts it, "pure and simply evil."

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Ben Tramer isn't the only copycat to have an action figure reveal at Toy Fair. Roy Burns from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning was also revealed to have his own upcoming Ultimate action figure. Infamously, Roy was unveiled as the murderer in the controversial sequel after Jason Voorhees was killed off in the previous movie. While not as popular as other horror movie boogeyman like Jason and Michael Myers, the Roy figure still has a lot of people excited, as A New Beginning has developed a big cult following over the past few decades.

Last year's Halloween movie wrote the original Halloween II out of its continuity by only recognizing the events of John Carpenter's first movie. Still, longtime fans of the franchise appreciate the original Halloween sequel. It may no longer exist in the franchise's current timeline, but awesome merchandise such as this new figure from NECA will help fans remember the classic slasher sequel. This information comes to us from NECA.

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